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The story of
the Q Street Collective

The Q Street Collective is named after the main street of Ayr in which the store is centrally located. It also resonates with the coastal, high end, trend setting vibe and with our beautiful labels and store fit-out. Q Street is also a fashion stop for travellers making their way along the Queensland coast. We love meeting customers on holiday from interstate or overseas and love that they feel familiar with and refreshed to see all their favourite labels in one store.

It is an independently owned unique boutique determined to make designer labels more accessible to the fashion forward, ‘on trend’ gals of Ayr. Having an online shop gives all our customers a fashion fix 24/7. It is pertinent to us that you experience a seamless shopping experience both in-store and online.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and empowering women through the art of styling customers in our clothing. We currently curate a premium collection of the most sought after brands by Australian designers. We love using Instagram and insta stories to share our style with our customers both near and far.

The Q Street Collective Logo